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Historic fish restaurant and shop
in Milan

A'Riccione: a restaurant that combines the perfection of sophisticated design with the quality and culinary delight of fresh seafood.

Since the 1950's ...

In 1953 our restaurant was known as 'Vecchia Riccione', was run by the Metalli family of Rome and attended principally by truck drivers based at the nearby Farini airport. Mrs. Lucia's kitchen was a "ground" kitchen, key dishes were lasagna and tortellini.
In the beginning the fish menu was small, but slowly the truckers started bringing gifts from the Adriatic Sea to the three Metalli brothers and their friends. At that time fish wasn't part of the Milanese food culture but soon enough it became a mainstay in certain areas of the city. The demand for fish increased so much that Old Riccione eventually became devoted exclusively to seafood.
It so it was in March 19, 1955 that A'Riccione was established by the brothers Tonino, Giuliano and Gino, the first fish restaurant in Milan!
tavoli apparecchiati con vista di un quadro
 locale di artisti

... until the 90's

Our dishes had great success, starting with the historic fried fish called "Cloud" for its lightness, made with marinated sole, and the first paella made in Italy by a Spanish chef.
But the stand out star of every dish was the fish, never touched or drowned by unnecessary sauces or flavours. Some of our most successful dishes led to international success such as with the 1991 opening of A'Riccione in Kamakura, Japan.
And just as the restaurant's notoriety was growing abroad with the opening of another restaurant in the United States, the A'Riccione story was interrupted by a sad event: one of our founders, Tonino, went missing. One of the greatest characters in the Milanese catering tradition, and the strength of the family was missing, and so the restaurant itself began to decline.
Even despite Giuliano's efforts, the only man left standing on the bridge couldn't bring it back around and he was forced to pass the business on 1999 after 44 years of immeasurable success.


  • For some years, the restaurant has been in the hands of brothers Dante and Giuseppe Di Paolo, who have brought the renowned restaurant of past splendour back to life, so much so that it won the historic workshop by the City of Milan and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • We thank everyone who works for us for being a part of the success of the A'Riccione family restaurant today.
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Artists and other clientele

Our fish dishes have earned praise from an exceptional audience:
  • Federico Fellini and Juliet Masina
  • Charlie Chaplin, who celebrated his 70th birthday with us
  • Ornella Vanoni
  • Milva
  • Tino Scotti
  • Ugo Tognazzi
  • Adriano Celentano
  • Paolo Conte
  • Carreras tenor
  • Francis Ford Coppola
  • Kirk Douglas
  • Piero Ostellino and Gaetano Afeltra
  • Guglielmo Zucconi
  • Umberto Simonetta
  • Terzoli and Vaime
  • Nereo Rocco
  • Enrico Baj
  • Ottavio Missoni
  • Indro Montanelli
  • Giorgio Bocca
In 1956 Gianni Brera founded his famous 'Thursday Club' at his regular table with us.
Today, hanging on the walls, you can see a picture that represents the many characters and icons of time who've enjoyed our fine dining.
Visit us today at 70, Via Taramelli in Milan
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