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Fresh seafood cuisine in Milan

A'Riccione was established in 1926 with the idea of ​​bringing quality fresh seafood to the Milanese table. Now, we are a renowned restaurant, known throughout the province for the high level of cuisine offered in our elegant premises, A'Riccione combines the creativity and innovation of dedicated chefs with a refined atmosphere in an inviting location.
Our Via Taramelli premises has been honoured with the prestigious Historical Bottega from the City of Milan and Chamber of Commerce.

The restaurant

A'Riccione welcomes guests in a completely restored, carefully designed and refurbished restaurant that combines exclusivity and elegance with familiarity and comfort. The atmosphere is intimate but dynamic, ideal for a romantic dinner or a work lunch where you can savour the most sophisticated fresh seafood cuisine.
Next to the restaurant entrance there is a fabulous fish market, including the acclaimed Gran Plateau Royal and a wide choice of oysters for you to choose from.

An institution in Milan since the 1920s

medaglia di bottega storica
A'Riccione is a historic restaurant in Milan, but maybe not everyone knows it once was known as 'Old Riccione'. The trattoria was run by the Metalli brothers, of Roman origin, and the kitchen offered simple, classic Italian food of which tortellini and lasagna were the main dishes.
Fish, in fact, was added to the menu later...
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Sea food

antipasto di pesce
Restaurant A'Riccione prepares excellent fish dishes using only carefully selected and high quality products in the heart of Milan.
Browse our menu and discover an infinity of appetisers and first and second dishes, all of which are made with fresh fish, caviar and oysters to tuna, sea bass and other seafood.
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