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Oyster and caviar tasting in Milan

A 'Riccione awaits you at 70 Via Taramelli with a variety of dishes where the only protagonist is the fish- strictly fresh and of the highest quality.
Our traditional Milanese restaurant is elegantly furnished, friendly and welcoming with soft lighting, relaxing colours and paintings that recall the sea. Our staff are courteous and available to meet your every need, while our experienced chefs work around the clock to deliver a taste sensation to your table.

Oysters and caviar

  • Large Vertical of four types of caviar
  • Small tasting of caviar
  • Calvisius Beluga (10gr)
Riec sur Belon (Brittany)
  • Belon double zero 00 triple zero 000 and 4/0000
  • La Gauloise n ° 2
Marenne Oléron (Charente-Maritime)
  • Fines de Claire n ° 3 - n ° 2
  • Pleiade Poget n ° 2
  • Perle Blanche n ° 2
Arcachon (Lège Cap-Ferret)
  • Pearls of the Empress # 3
  • Tkarskaya n ° 3
  • Cancel n. 2
  • Utah Beach n ° 3
  • Special Gillardeau n ° 3 - n ° 2
  • Muirgen n ° 3
  • Umami n ° 3
Mediterranean Sea (Marseille)
  • Specials de Bouzigues n ° 2
Mediterranean Sea (Italy)
  • San Teodoro Sardegna n ° 2


  • Gran Plateau Royal (raw): Carpaccio and mixed fish tartare cut to the knife
  • Mini Plateau Royal (raw): Mixed oysters, gooseberries, red prawns, almonds, hairy mussels, cannoliums, foliar and canes
  • Fish and Crustaceans (raw): mixed tartare cut to knife, tuna carpaccio, sea bass, salmon, scampi and red shrimp
  • Gran Plateau (cooked): lobster, steam shrimp, Adriatic shampoo, bulots, raindrops, whitish, squid, mussels, canoes, granseola and citrus sauce
  • Keep wicker and avocado
  • Hold tuna with cape and olives tomatoes
  • Keep cut to the knife (tuna, salmon, sea bass)
  • Mixed carpaccio (tuna, salmon, sea bass, sword)
  • Red prawns of Mazara del Vallo
  • Raw shrimp
  • Sea urchins (season)
  • Raw shrimp cut to fan
  • Truffles or clams
  • Almonds, hairy mussels or cannolias
  • Mini Catalan with lobster, scampi, shrimp, celery, Tropea onion and dwarf tomatoes
  • Soleils of the Adriatic
  • Sauté of clams and mussels
  • Mixed Mixed with Herbal Perfume
  • Cuttlefish salad and grilled tuna with soy sauce emulsion and bread croutons
  • Warm sea salad
  • Moccasins with Polenta and Salted Herbs
  • Anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea with croutons and salted butter "Isigny"
  • Ligurian octopus with dried tomatoes and vinegar croutons
  • Cream of chickpeas, herbs, as well as shrimp and rosemary croutons
  • Crunchy soup with rice pie juice


  • Risotto with seafood and dill
  • Smooth sleeves with sea crap, red shrimp, cavium and pepper
  • Strotch with grated clams of mullet bottarga
  • Spaghetti with fresh anchovies "Siciliana" with grated bread and tuna bottarga
  • Spaghetti with hedgehog
  • Spaghetti garlic oil chili mussels and shelled clams
  • Tagliolini with squid and fresh tomatoes
  • Tagliolini with sword and aubergines
  • Fresh tagliolini with red prawns, grated pan and dried tomatoes
  • Fresh tagliolini in salsa a'Riccione (cannoli, oysters, scampi, shrimp, ...)
  • Linguine or risotto (in Km 0) to black with small pieces of sepia
  • Linguine with lobster / lobster
  • Sea bass ravioli on dattered tomato cream
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Fish Dishes

  • Catch of the day prepared as desired (oven, salt or grill)
  • Grilled rotten bowl
  • Great mixed grill to Romagna
  • Barbecued barbeque, grilled with "Romagnola"
  • Astice / lobster to Catalan or grilled
  • Mixed skewers in Riccione with squid, shrimp, scampi, calamari and anchovies or grilled sardines
  • Golden sago sago with sweet curry and wild rice sauce
  • Red tuna scallop in black sesame crust, vegetable ratatouille and pepper dressing
  • Crustaceans in three cooking
  • Great plate of mixed fried
  • Paella with mixed fish or Paella with ½ lobster a head
  • Fish broth with Romagna with croutons

Non-fish dishes

  • Bresaola Valtellinese with rocket, artichokes and grain flakes
  • Ham and mozzarella
  • Flax of spinach with taleggio fondue
  • Saffron risotto
  • Tagliolino with fresh tomato and basil
  • Casserole at Milan with potato chips
  • Broiled beef with golden potatoes

Vegetable dishes

  • Artichoke salad
  • Zucchini and aubergines in batter
  • Seasonal Grilled Vegetables
  • Seasonal salad
  • Golden chips potatoes
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